Early Signs Of Serious Health Condition That We Need To Know

Health is one of the most overlooked aspects of life. It is easy to just to leave it as it is or say, “the pain will eventually go away.” However, how sure can we be that these minor details aren’t just minor concerns?

Our body is like a huge network of information. One thing is connected to another, and most often than not, these will give us early signs that we have a serious health concern that we need to address right away. Look at our body closely and take note of all the important key points that will help our doctor and our medical insurance provider to take care of our needs.

Heart Attack

One of the most important details that we need to be aware of is if we are susceptible to a heart attack. If we are experiencing pain, pressure squeezing, or the feeling that there’s something on our chest that lasts for a few minutes, we might want to check with our doctors right away.

Other symptoms include a slight discomfort or a minor stabbing pain in the chest area. On some occasions, we might experience shortness of breath, having cold sweats, nausea, mild dizziness, and lightheadedness.

Lung Problem

Lung issues are also common for adults, especially those who are exposed to harmful chemicals and pollutants. If ever we experience coughing up of blood, difficulty, or shortness of breathing or severe coughing, it might be best to get in touch with our family physician to make sure our lungs are healthy.

We also need to look out for other obvious clues, such as repeated cases of lung issues, including bronchitis or pneumonia.

Breast Problem

Women are more susceptible to common breast or chest health issues than men. Although breast cancer is mostly seen in women, there were cases that chronic disease was also present in men. With that in mind, we’ll stress out the important things women need to look out for, such as unexplainable nipple discharge, pain in the breast area, and drastic changes in and around the nipple area. If we noticed any of these signs, get in touch with your personal doctor so they can properly assess the situation.

There are also instances that we may notice lumps or an egg-shaped thing right between our underarm and breast area.

Reproductive Area

People of all ages are susceptible to having health issues in and around our reproductive area. This can sometimes lead to some serious health implications. Make sure we are aware of the things to keep our reproductive health in top-notch condition.

For women, beeling or spotting in between our periods might be a sign that something is going on with our bodies. We also need to look out for irritating feelings such as itching, burning sensation, pain, or overall discomfort in our genital area, which must be reported to the personal doctor so they could record that in their file for future reference.

Bladder Issue

There is a common myth in our community that older people have higher risks of having bladder issues than the younger generation. However, we need to keep in mind that lifestyle, diet, and hygiene can greatly increase the risk of getting health issues in our bladder area.

If we are experiencing pain when urinating, we recommend seeking medical assistance from our local doctors. If we also noticed blood in our urine, it might be also a good indicator that we might need medical attention. Other symptoms that we need to consider are frequent urination and loss of bladder control.

Psychological and Mental Health

Like the rest of our body, our mental health is also one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to our general health status. We need to consider that our mental health is the backbone of our overall welfare.

If ever we saw signs of anxiety, depression, or unexplainable fatigue, talk to qualified professionals, and they can give us a quick assessment of our mental health status. We also need to take into account the degree of our thoughts in our daily activities such as not giving enough interest to things we are passionate about. In most cases, these thoughts can lead to suicidal tendencies, hallucinations and emotional breakdowns.

Skin Issues

Moles, warts and other marks can sometimes be a good gauge on how healthy we are. Look for obvious signs such as discoloration of our skin, especially around the face and neck area. Also, look for lesions that don’t regularly go away as it may be a sign that something serious is going inside our body.

Above all, having close contact with our medical professionals can greatly reduce the risks of many chronic ailments in the long run. Of course, having good insurance will help. However, checking the warning signs personally will increase our chances to get things to straighten up before something serious happens to us.

Based on Materials from Medicine Net
Photo Sources: Pixabay, Kings College London, Medical News, Pixabay