Workouts That You Should Try This Coming New Year

The New Year is fast approaching, and you’re probably thinking of different resolutions that you may or may not be able to do. Now, if you’re thinking of working out, then worry no more because I got your back. In this article, I will be providing you with a list of workouts that you should try and eventually follow once the clock strikes 12.

You may notice that the number of fitness centers today is increasing, and it will continue to grow in the years to come because of the increase in demand as well. Working out can be fun and beneficial, and it can be your investment for your health. Below are the workouts that you should try this coming New Year.


For those of you who are not aware, Pilates has been around for years now. It became famous for many women but is now becoming popular with men as well. Pilates includes small movements, which will activate your muscle fibers. However, there are some moves that need a special kind of machine. There are a lot of Pilates workshops in different states, which means that you can choose a workroom that won’t break your bank account or credit cards.


If you are into boxing, then kickboxing would be perfect for you. This type of workout has a combination of different cardio exercises. Kickboxing has a mix of punching, kicking, and jumping. All these sound fun, and you won’t surely feel like you are working hard. Kickboxing studios are also everywhere today, and you can surely choose the best one that will suit your budget. You can check online classes on kickboxing so you can get an idea about it.

Treadmill Classes

Now, if you want to improve your stamina and running skills, but you hate running alone, then enrolling in a treadmill class would be the best option. There are different treadmill classes that use electricity for an automatic treadmill. You can switch from floor to treadmills and work on weights. Usually, you can enroll in boot camps and other treadmill studios so you can run on a treadmill with a class. Some of the trainers in the workshop will let you run through sprints, intervals, and up hills. Your stamina and running skills will undoubtedly be improved in no time.

Blacklight Yoga

Whether you are planning to try yoga or already into yoga, you can try blacklight yoga for a change. As the name says, it’s yoga being done under a black light’s glow. Usually, a blacklight yoga is accompanied by great upbeat music, which will help everyone mimic a sequence of dance. This will surely make you feel as if you are partying in a night club.

Usually, a blacklight yoga can come at a hefty price. But, as this is an excellent investment for your health, it will all be worth it.

Competition Cycling

You can, of course, cycle at the comfort of your own home using a stationary bike, or you can also bike outdoors. But this can be daunting, especially if you are doing it alone. Fortunately, competition cycling is here, which will help you enjoy cycling with other people. Usually, the class will help you get motivated by increasing the intensity of cycling.

What’s good about these studios is that they will be able to track everything from your resistance on your bike, and how fast you are pedaling, so they can rank you with your other riders. If you are in a friendly competition, then this type of workout is the best investment for your health.


Bokwa is a dance workout, which will surely pump up your heart and will keep your blood flowing. It has easy to follow steps and usually comes with South African style dance moves. The sound will be hip-hop or sometimes depends on your instructor. Just like with Zumba, the instructor should be certified to attend Bokwa classes. This type of workout is cardio-intensive, but it has different modifications depending on your fitness level and your age. You can check online classes to get a grasp on how Bokwa is done.


These are some of the workouts that you should try this coming New Year. Whether you are planning to lose weight or to change your lifestyle into a healthier one, the workouts listed above will surely help you achieve your goal and can be your investment for your health.