Tips on Exercising Without Going To The Gym

Working out at a gym can be fun because you’re not working out alone, and you can also socialize and make friends. Some people are unaware of the different workouts that they can do at home, so they opt to go to a gym. But the truth is, you can just go online and check some online classes about working out, and you’re good to go.

Working out without stepping at a gym can also avoid maxing out your credit cards because of the high membership packages that you have to pay. All you have to do is to use your electricity and internet so you can check different workouts online. You can also do it outdoors and be close to nature, enjoying the natural air.

If you are contemplating whether you should enroll at a gym, then the tips below may help you decide and save you not only money but gas as well as you don’t have to drive.

1. Going Camping

You and your family can start going camping when the vacation begins. This will not only be a great exercise but also an excellent investment to bond with the family. When camping, you will do a lot of activities, including cooking meals, getting firewoods, setting up tents, portaging, and even canoeing. All of these can serve as your workout, especially that you don’t do these things in the comfort of your home.

Just remember that when going on a camp, you’re not only physically exercising, but you are also mentally doing it. The reason behind this is because you also need to be alert of your belongings and your surroundings to stay safe.

2.Go on a Run/Walk

Based on research, walking can help improve your mood, energy, and of course, to help you lose weight. Walking is one of the most underrated workouts, and a lot are not appreciating it a lot. The truth is, walking is as beneficial as running and a good investment for your health. All you need is the right motivation so you can start walking or running at least thirty minutes a day. You can increase this to an hour every day until you raise it again to the time that you want. You can bring your dog with you if you have one, so you can have a buddy to walk with. You’re going to be surprised as to how walking feels good right after doing it.

3. Home Workouts

As mentioned above, you can workout at the comfort of your own home just by checking online classes or exercise videos. There is little to no equipment needed, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all. You can start searching on the workout that you need and the body area that you want to target. The internet is rich in workout information, so you will never run out.

4. Recreational Sports

Recreational sports are fun. You will even give it credits for it won’t make you feel like you’re working out. All states and cities have their recreational sports, from volleyball, softball, basketball, tennis, and more. You can start doing them or even join a sporting event if you’re feeling competitive. You can also do some rollerblading or scootering, for as long as you’re moving, then you’re good.

5. Yard Work

You can start working on your yard, be it about cleaning the entire yard, mowing the lawn or weeding. All of these things will require effort and energy, thus making them a great physical activity. Doing all these will prevent you from having a sedentary lifestyle. You can also save some investment money while doing this as you don’t have to pay for yard cleaners.


These are some of the best workouts that you can do outdoors or at home, without having to step into a gym. Put in mind that taking care of yourself is one of the most significant investments that you can do.