Losing Weight Without Dieting: Is It Possible?

A lot of people want to lose weight but don’t want to go on a diet for many reasons. Some people would like to lose weight to look better, while some want to make an investment with their health and avoid diseases related to being overweight.

Based on some experts, there are ways on how you can lose weight without dieting. It is, actually, possible to lose weight without altering your diet at all. In this article, I will be sharing with you some useful tips on how you can lose those excess weights without worrying about dieting or changing your diet at all.

Here are tips on how to lose weight without dieting:

1. Eat Breakfast Daily

Skipping breakfast is one of the mistakes that a lot of people do for believing that they will be able to lose some weight if they skip breakfast. The truth is, skipping breakfast can be bad for you as this will help lower your total BMI. In fact, breakfast gets credits for helping you perform better. Even if you’re busy, always make sure to take your breakfast, whether it is a bowl of cereals with fruits. Anything that can fuel up your day is always a great idea.

2. Check Your Liquid Calories

Always keep in mind that sweetened drinks are high in calories. You can always quench your thirst with healthier beverages, like sparkling water, water with citrus, low-fat or skim milk, and 100% fruit juices. You can even try a glass of low-calorie vegetable juice as this will not only quench your thirst but avoid you from feeling hungry as well while waiting for your next meal.

It would also be best to reduce your intake of alcohol, cocktail, or wine. You can drink a glass or two, but that’s about it, especially if you want to lose weight. If you really wish to continue consuming sweetened drinks, then you can make natural juices as your food investment.

3. Increase Your Produce Consumption

You should also start consuming more produces, including vegetables and fruits, if you want to lose weight since they are low in calories. You can still eat meat, but make sure to pile on veggies. Also, you can start with a bowl of vegetable salad before your actual meal. Experts also suggest that you can consume broth-based soups.

So get your credit cards and start grocery shopping so you can pack your kitchen with vegetables and fruits. Just make sure to choose vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber, phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

4. Opt For Grains

Instead of going for pretzels, cookies, cakes, and white bread, you can opt for whole grains. Whole grains will provide you with enough fiber that your body needs and will fill you up faster. You may choose whole wheat bread, brown rice, pasta, popcorn, bran flakes, and whole rye crackers as alternatives. Evidently, whole grains can be your new best friend and investment.

5. Count Your Steps

To ensure that you can lose pounds even without dieting, it would be best to start counting your steps. There are a lot of Smart Watches today that can help track not only your steps but as well as your calories and even your heartbeat per minute. You don’t have to gas up your car so you can walk somewhere, you can also walk in front of your TV or check for online classes that cater to walking or marching. Having a device that can help you track your steps can even be your motivation.


These are some of the tips on how you can actually lose weight without dieting or even altering your diet. Remember that taking care of your health is one of the most considerable investments that you can do.